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My intention is to tell about my ancestors and describe their history and the history about the places and regions they came from. I will also describe important historical developments and events that have influenced and affected the people who have lived there. On my homepage I have chosen to describe the development until 1945-1946, when my ancestors started their new lives elsewhere in Germany and Austria.

I hope that the content of this homepage will help me find complementary information about my family names from South Moravia and Lower Silesia, listed below. I use the German names of villages and regions, that my ancestors used. I have also listed the corresponding Polish and Czech names. Since the end of the Second World War Lower Silesia is a part of southeast Poland and South Moravia is today an area in southeast Czech Republic.

My ancestors in South Moravia (Südmähren/Jihomoravský)   

Family name Village name (German) Village name (Czech)   Family name Village name (German) Village name (Czech)
Landauf Millowitz Milovice Dworzak Millowitz Milovice
Letschka Millowitz Milovice Spay Millowitz Milovice
Kögel Millowitz Milovice Ulborth Millowitz Milovice
Wagner Bratelsbrunn Brezi Volk Neumühl Nove Mlyny
Grandinger Bratelsbrunn Brezi Branowitzer Bratelsbrunn Brezi
Voit Bratelsbrunn Brezi Kopeczek Frainspitz


Walentin Weinberg Vinohradky Fuchs Treskowitz Troskotovice
Walentin Treskowitz Troskotovice Lang Frainspitz Branisovice
Stohr Treskowitz Troskotovice Knoth Bratelsbrunn Brezi
Kurz Treskowitz Troskotovice Finda Lodenitz Lodenice
Joksch Schakwitz Sakvice      


My ancestors in Lower Silesia (Niederschlesien/Dolnoslaskie)

Family name Village name (German) Village name (Polish)
Bock Langenbielau Bielawa
Kittlass Langenbielau Bielawa
Rogel Lampersdorf Grodziszcze
Prasse Kittlitzheide



Grün Harthau Zielenice
Rabs Tannenberg Jodlownik


Last update:    17 maj 2012